2008 – 2011 (Buses 498-540) – The District continues purchasing IC CE conventional school buses. The third generation IC CE 300 buses have a Maxxforce DT diesel engine. The upholstery is blue on all buses.


2004 – 2007 (Buses 449-491) – The District continued purchasing IC CE school buses. The second generation IC CE 200 buses had a VT365 engine. The upholstery is brown on buses 449-470 and blue on buses 474-491.

2002 – 2003 (Buses 423-445) – The District has decided to switch back to Type-C Conventional School Buses again and began purchasing IC CE school buses. The first generation IC CE buses had a T444E engine. The upholstery is brown on all of these buses.

1996 – 2001 (Buses 364-422) – This was the debut year of the AmTran Type-D Transit Style Rear Engine School bus, and North Syracuse decided to switch from Bluebirds to the AmTran RE (International RE in 2001). These buses were built on an International Chassis with a T444E engine. The upholstery was brown in all AmTran/ International RE school buses. These buses are currently in the middle of retirement.

1988-1995 (Buses 293-360) – North Syracuse purchased and operated Type-D Transit Style Blue Bird TC2000s. These buses had a Cummins 5.9 Diesel Engine. All of these buses had green upholstery (Except 350-353 which had brown). The last of these buses were retired in 2007.

1970s - 1987 (Buses 200s – 292) - North Syracuse purchased and operated Type-C Conventional Blue Bird Bodied Buses on an International S-1700 Chassis with a Diesel Engine. The Upholstery of these buses was green. The Last of these buses were retired completely from service in circa 2002.